Active Research Projects

High resolution imaging of the myocardium

The objective of our research is to develop an imaging platform along with processing tools for three-dimensional characterization of myocardial tissue microstructure with high resolution.


May 16, 2022

Prof. Christine Hendon receives Provost Faculty Service Award

Congratulations to Professor Christine Hendon. She Received the 2022 Office of the Provost Faculty Service Award.



October 10, 2021

Congratulations to Diana

Congratulations to Diana on completing her doctoral degree! Her dissertation title is: "Rapid breast cancer pathology tissue evaluation using optical coherence tomography (OCT)." Congratulations again Dr. Mojahed!

September 01, 2021

Congratulations to Haiqiu and Ziyi

Congratulations to Haiqiu Yang on receiving a Wei Family fellowship for the 2020-2022 academic years and Ziyi Huang for receiving the Cheung-Kong Innovation Doctoral Fellowship for the 2021-2022 academic year.